Cheek Surgery (Bichectomy)

Cheek Surgery (Bichectomy) 2019-11-25T14:56:56-05:00

Project Description

Reasons to have this surgical procedure

  • To profile the face, when it has an excessive roundness

  • Highlight and / or mark the cheekbones

  • Take a more youthful appearance

  • When the size of your cheeks, does not correspond to your body texture

What is Skeleton Surgery or Bichectomy?

It is a surgical procedure that stylizes the appearance of the cheeks. Through the resection of the structure of the facial anatomy known as fat bags of Bichat. This is done through a very small incision (4mm) inside the oral mucosa. This type of intervention is performed with local anesthesia in the operating room and its recovery is achieved in 2 or 3 days. During a cheek operation it is necessary to exercise caution during the manipulation of the bags, since this area is closely related to the buccal and zygomatic branches of the facial nerve; Sudden or inaccurate manipulation can injure these nerve structures and generate a post operative facial paralysis.

How to get the best result?

Pre-surgical process

  • Previous evaluation appointment:
    In it you will expose the expectations you have of your surgery. The surgeon will explain the surgery, the most recommended technique for you, type of anesthesia and clinic where the procedure will be performed. He will order some photos and laboratory tests.
  • Pre anesthetic appointment:
    Assessment of your general condition and laboratory results by the anesthesiologist.

Post-surgical care

  • Soft food during the first days after surgery
  • Apply ice for 20 minutes every hour in the operated area.
  • If you experience persistent and very strong pain, contact your facial plastic surgeon.


  • You can return to your activities within 3 to 5 days.
  • You must remain in moderate rest.
  • The definitive results will be observed after one month, as the inflammation decreases.
  • Avoid receiving direct sun during the entire recovery process.





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It usually does not increase. This area will remain without growth of the Bichat bags even if the facial contour becomes more round

It depends on many factors, however, it is estimated that as of the fourth week, the thinning of the face and therefore finer features begin to be noticed.

The pain is minimal and controllable with ordinary analgesics.

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