About double chin surgery

Its manifestation is frequently associated with overweight or loss of tissue elasticity. The treatment is aimed at reducing the amount of fatty tissue by liposuction and/or lipectomy and to provide again the adequate tension to the superficial neck muscles by suturing them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why have double chin surgery?

  • To better define the angle of the jaw.
  • Rejuvenate the neck.
  • Generate a slimmer appearance of the neck.

Is fat removed with this surgery?

The procedure may consist only in the removal of excess fat tissue by liposuction technique of the area, but sometimes it is also required to tighten the neck muscle to keep the tissues less lax.

Can jowl surgery alone be performed?

When the excess fat is limited to one area and is not associated with marked tissue laxity, liposuction of the area may be sufficient. Otherwise, it may require rejuvenation surgery of the neck and lower third of the face called Rhytidoplasty. In other cases, it is required to be associated with chin surgery or Mentoplasty.

Is the surgery painful?

The pain is minimal and can be controlled with common analgesics.