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It is the inflammation of the nasal mucosa for any cause, its manifestation may be associated with one or more of the following situations: nasal congestion, sneezing, stinging and nasal discharge.

  • Acute rhinitis of short duration.
    Associated in general with infections or irritating substances. The most common are produced by viruses.
  • Long-lasting chronic rhinitis.
  • Non-infectious
    • Allergic
      It is presented as an overreaction of the mucosa due to changes in the environment due to a decrease in temperature, presence of certain microorganisms such as mites or ingestion of some foods.
    • Not allergic
      Its origin is unknown and does not correspond to an allergic physiological reaction.
    • Infectious
      Associated with fungi or other diseases

At the moment there is contact of the nasal mucosa with the element called antigen to which the person is sensitized.

It is an inflammation of the sinuses or paranasal cavities produced by viruses or bacteria at any stage of life.

The evacuation of the mucus generated in these cavities and its ventilation is produced by small natural holes and any inflammatory factor due to trauma, allergy, viruses or mechanical factors such as deviations of the septum presence of polyps or presence of foreign bodies can obstruct those holes creating favorable conditions for a bacterial infection or sinusitis.

In the acute phase it can occur in two ways: A manifestation of rapid evolution with fever, facial pain, malaise, thick nasal discharge, inflammation of the eyelids or face. Another more frequent, resembling a catarrhal condition that continues after ten days with nasal secretions, cough, little fever and bad breath.

A bacterial sinusitis should be treated properly to avoid serious orbital or cerebral complications. The doctor’s intervention includes in most cases broad-spectrum antibiotics.

In chronic sinusitis that does not yield to medical treatment; associated with polyps; associated with complications





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