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Project Description

Why choose us?

The nose is the structure that most determines the aesthetic conformation of a face. Hence, their appearance should harmonize with facial features and postoperative results, in addition to maintaining or restoring nasal respiratory function, they should tend to achieve a beautiful and natural appearance.

  • Rhinoplasty contributes to the harmony of facial features.

  • Rhinoplasty solves breathing difficulties.

  • Rhinoplasty increases your self-esteem.

  • Rhinoplasty increases your work projection because of the safety you radiate.

What is rhinoplasty?

It is the cosmetic surgery of the nose, whose objective is to achieve naturalness and harmony in the patient’s face obtaining a better appearance. In addition to the beauty (aesthetic) this surgery takes into account the functionality of the nose which allows us to perform adequate breathing, essential for our quality of life.

How do I get the best result?

Pre-surgical process

  • Dr. Ramirez assesses your state of health, you need to tell him about all the diseases that you have had so that the surgery has no complications.
  • The surgeon conducts a study of your face and specifically of your nose, resolving your concerns and expectations as a patient, since each person is a unique case.
  • The factors involved in the outcome of surgery such as skin type, ethnicity (race), age and degree of deformity and function of should also be clarified. the structures of the nose.
  • Dr. Ramirez also explains to the patient in which clinic the surgery will be performed and all the special conditions offered for the procedure to be successful.
  • In agreement with the surgeon the patient signs a document called informed consent explaining the procedure and the possible risks.
  • Valuation is requested by the anesthesiologist to assess and clarify any aspect of the patient’s health status before surgery
  • The patient is given a document explaining the care he should have prior to surgery, the importance of pre-anesthetic evaluation and the place of surgery. < / li>

Post-surgical care

  • The surgery can last from 2 to 5 hours depending on the structure of each patient’s nose and correction of damage from previous surgeries. This procedure does not require hospitalization and the following general indications should be taken into account:

    • Only in some cases you need to plug your nose and breathe through your mouth.
    • The face is slightly inflamed for 3 to 5 days, therefore the medications that the doctor tells you to take are taken.
    • Soft diet the first 24 hours.
    • Do not wear sunglasses for at least 1 month.
    • Avoid direct sun during the first 6 months. Use sunscreen with a protection factor greater than 20.
    • Consider the doctor’s instructions which must be given in writing for the specific care of each person.


Careful follow-up should be taken after the post-operative period to monitor the healing and healing of the tissues. If you follow your doctor’s instructions such as cold compresses for inflammation, raise your head during the first days of the post-operative period, avoid physical activity, sun exposure, efforts and risks of trauma, you will achieve a rapid recovery and successful





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Both in the functional part (deviation of the septum, large turbinates) and in the aesthetic part (Rhinoplasty), only what is altered or that is desired to be modified by special techniques that take care of the tissues is intervened, each patient being a unique case.

Alterations of the structure of the nose that generate great difficulty in breathing can be corrected at any age; However, external aesthetic changes are not corrected before the age of 15 in women and 17 years on average in men.

The nostrils are the entrance door of the inspired air that is filtered, moistened and heated to the lungs. Its olfactory function allows us to differentiate approximately two hundred different odors from the atmosphere. The nose intervenes in the timbre of the voice due to the resonance chambers.

The most frequent causes are inflammatory: allergy disorders, viral infections or caused by bacteria such as Rhinitis and Sinusitis.

Nasal obstruction of only one side and it takes a long time (chronic) can be caused by alteration of the structure of the nose such as septum deviation, increase of the turbinates or tumors. If the obstruction also has malodorous secretion in children, it is necessary to check if there is a foreign body (pieces of paper, eraser, seeds).

Until adolescence, obstruction of the nose can occur in addition to other causes due to excessive growth of adenoids (adenoid hypertrophy). In most people the obstruction occurs due to the excessive growth of turbinates, deviation or loss of nose support or polyp type lesions.

If the process does not give way quickly, the Otolaryngologist specialist should be consulted, who according to the cause will suggest the appropriate treatment, either with medication or surgery.

In children its correction is essential to normalize the functioning of the nose and perform adequate breathing; This allows the normal growth of the structures of the face and mouth, not altering the functioning of the teeth and organs that allow the words to be pronounced.

In all patients the treatment of nasal obstruction affects their quality of life and prevents respiratory, dental and language complications.

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