Forehead Surgery (Frontoplasty)

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Project Description

Why choose us?

If you look at the wrinkled or flaccid forehead or droopy eyebrows that increase the excess skin of the eyelids or have a more drooping eyebrow or have deep grooves in the eyebrows or people mistakenly frequently interpret that you are all of a bad temper all the time For the frown.

  • It allows to rejuvenate the upper third of the face.

  • Corrects the lowering of the eyebrows and the deformity called “chicken feet.”

  • It allows correcting the asymmetry of the eyebrows.

What is forehead surgery or Frontoplasty?

Frontoplasty procedures are those that reverse the apparent fall, or the effects of soft tissue aging located in the upper third of the face, correcting the lowering of the eyebrows, the formation of wrinkles or furrows and the excess left skin in some cases .

How to get the best result?

Pre-surgical process

  • Previous evaluation appointment:
    In it you will expose the expectations you have of your surgery. The surgeon will explain the surgery, the most recommended technique for you, type of anesthesia and clinic where the procedure will be performed. Order some photos and lab tests.
  • Pre anesthetic appointment:
    Assessment of your general condition and laboratory results by the anesthesiologist.

Post-surgical care

  • Sleep for at least the first 3 weeks face up and with the headboard slightly raised.
  • Avoid the sun directly and use the skin protectors recommended by the doctor.


  • Frontoplasty, especially if it is endoscopic, has rapid recovery. A disability of about 10 days is recommended before returning to work.





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It is essential to determine with your doctor according to your age, sex and hair pattern, which would be the most appropriate approach and indications for you.

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