Facial Rejuvenation

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Project Description

Why choose us?

  • Recovers the tone and freshness of the tissues on the face.

  • Corrects the drooping face and the drooping neck returning the aesthetic and youthful appearance of the skin, also significantly improving the wrinkles of the face.

What is Ritidoplasty or Facial Rejuvenation Surgery?

Management of facial and neck wrinkles, using refined techniques for suspending and relocating the soft tissues that support the skin, allowing a marked improvement in its appearance, giving it a fresher and rejuvenated presentation. This intervention, called RITIDOPLASTIA, counteracts sagging and removes excess skin, properly defining the contour of the face.

¿Cómo obtener el mejor resultado?

Pre-surgical process

  • Previous evaluation appointment:
    In it you will expose the expectations you have of your surgery. The surgeon will explain the surgery, the most recommended technique for you, type of anesthesia and clinic where the procedure will be performed. Order some photos and lab tests.
  • Pre anesthetic appointment:
    Assessment of your general condition and laboratory results by the anesthesiologist.

Post-surgical care

  • Sleep for at least the first 3 weeks face up and with the headboard slightly raised.
  • Avoid the sun directly and use the skin protectors recommended by the doctor.


  • Rhythidoplasty also has rapid recovery. A disability of about two to three weeks is recommended before returning to work.





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It is that physical and mental process that minimizes the vestiges that have caused the passing of the years in the skin and in the underlying tissues, generating a fresh and fresh appearance contributing to improve the patient’s self-esteem.

Women and men who want to be vital and who are interested in projecting that same impression to their social environment due to their occupation or some particular interest.

Multiple causes are involved in the aging process in addition to age. Hereditary, occupational factors, level of sun exposure, among others, can influence.

While aging is a physiological event that is structurally reflected in the loss of elasticity, support and texture of skin tissues, with some routine care such as protection from sun exposure, a healthy diet, physical activity and sufficient Restful sleep can achieve a bearable process.

There are different surgical and non-surgical procedures that allow to counteract the changes of aging contributing to improve the presentation, self-esteem and therefore the confidence of a person. Rhythidoplasty or facelift is the surgical procedure that treats wrinkles. There are other alternatives such as chemical and mechanical peels, use of antioxidants, to plastias of the eyebrows, eyelids, nose, cheekbones and wrinkle treatment.

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