Chin Surgery (Mentoplasty)

Chin Surgery (Mentoplasty) 2019-11-25T16:00:40-05:00

Project Description

Why choose us?

  • Harmonize facial features.

  • Properly balance the facial profile

What is Mentoplasty or Chin Surgery?

It is the procedure by which the projection of the chin is modified either to increase or decrease it.
In the case of augmentation, we generally use biocompatible silicone implants, which adapt very favorably, achieving a very natural appearance and in continuity with the facial skeleton. In some cases and when the correction or increase is of a cm or more, implant is not used but a cut of the bone that
Lets move that part forward.
Similarly, when we want to reduce the projection of the chin, we use the bone cut with backward displacement of the chin portion.

How to get the best result?

Pre-surgical process

  • Previous evaluation appointment:
    Where it is determined with an analysis of its features and measures of the face the correct dimension of your implant or chin reduction in case it is required.
  • Pre-surgical exams:
    We request laboratory tests to establish your health condition prior to the procedure.
  • Pre anesthetic appointment:
    In her the anesthesiologist doctor in addition to analyzing the result of laboratory tests, will make a physical evaluation and recommendations to be taken into account before surgery.

Post-surgical care

  • Keep a soft bandage that the surgeon has left on your chin for 2 or 3 days. Sleep for at least the first 3 weeks face up and with the headboard slightly raised. Avoid sleeping on your side during that time, so as not to generate undue pressure on the chin.


  • His recovery is very fast, being able to restart his daily activity in 2 or 3 days.
  • In the intraoral wound there are some points that do not need to be removed since they are reabsorbed in a few days. The patient is recommended to perform oral hygiene and avoid trauma to the operated area.





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Semi-soft silicone

The size is established for each patient according to the metric analysis of their profile.

Although the implant is small, it is usually stressed by the muscles in the area, which sometimes causes mild discomfort and pain that it controls with analgesics.

When the procedure is unique and the patient is emotionally stable, it can be performed under local anesthesia, using an operating room that guarantees adequate aseptic conditions.

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