CIRUGÍAS FACIALES 2019-11-25T10:27:35-05:00

Cirugías Faciales

Tratamientos quirúrgicos para eliminar la flacidez de los tejidos blandos y lucir más joven.

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Nuestros Procedimientos


Gill Surgery

Why choose us? The procedure aims to improve the facial contour and reduce the cheeks, to achieve a better profile of the patient's face, highlighting the cheekbones and defining the mandibular flange. Better define the angle of the jaw. Rejuvenate the neck. [...]


Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

Why choose us? The nose is the structure that most determines the aesthetic conformation of a face. Hence, their appearance should harmonize with facial features and postoperative results, in addition to maintaining or restoring nasal respiratory function, they should tend [...]

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